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My early production 5906 is my most accurate 3rd Gen. My 6906 and 6946 are almost as accurate, especially the DAO 6946.

When the 5906 was introduced the 147gr 9mm was the standard LE round. That's what I generally shoot at the range and carry for all of my 9mm 3rd Gens except my CS9.

I've found that my pre rail 3913TSW does not like 115gr rounds and shoots very low. 124gr is acceptable, but it really shoots best with 147gr.

There are so many variables that go into "liking" a gun, including how it feels in your hand and how it points. It's hard to give anyone advice. If a gun doesn't work for you, then sometimes it's best to move on.

Originally Posted by Wdbutcher97 View Post
I must be lucky, because I'm not that good. I'm almost as accurate with my well used 5609 as I am with my nearly new M&P9 2.0 at 15yds from a rest. That wasn't always true. When I first got my 5906, the well used stock grip was so slick that I couldn't get a good grip on the pistol. My first trip to the range was not impressive. It all changed when I installed a Hogue handall grip. It made the grip a bit fatter, but the 5906 didn't slip around in my hand like it did before.
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