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I've done a couple of things that have really helped me with this kind of inconsistency between different models. I'm not saying this is the be-all-end-all, but it's really helped me in the last couple of months.

The first is to get a bore sight that fits in the chamber of the guns and check to see if and/or how far off your sights are on each of the guns.

Clamp the gun in a vice, aim the sights at a dot, and see where the laser lands. It's not match-grade accurate, but if the sights are off by a few inches at say 20 ft., it will show up with this method.
I think what was happening to me was that I shot OK with the guns with accurate sights, but I was subconsciously trying to correct for the guns with inaccurate sights, so I tended to be all over the place, even at closer ranges. And, I believe it started to affect my use of the guns with accurate sights, as I found myself chasing the sights no matter what I was shooting.

The other thing I did was to get a laser training cartridge, these fit in the chamber and will flash a laser dot when the firing pin hits the switch on the back of the laser. ($35 @ Amazon)

You can then see if you've got any bad habits you don't know about (I sure did!) I've been using this for a lot of dry-fire practice, probably two or three times a week, if not more, and that has really helped.
Now, I'll be the first to admit that this particular one from Amazon is not the best quality, the switch is starting to go bad after a mere 6 weeks. Replacement switches are available from the manufacturer for $19.00.
On one hand, that's outrageous. But on the other hand, I spend $13 for the range fee, $40 on ammo ($10/box), plus gas and time, I'm up to say $50-60 for a couple of hours at the range with 200 shots at the target.
$19 for 20-30 dry fire sessions, i.e., 1000 to 3000 trigger presses with feedback (before the switch breaks completely)is at least a little more palatable.

Anyway, I wanted to pin down the problem, is it me or is it the gun? The guns with the inaccurate sights are going to get repaired.
And I've learned that with a gun with accurate sights, if I do my part with sight picture, trigger control, and follow through, I can chew the center out of the target. With me it's a BIG IF though! Of course being able to do that consistently all the time is the trick isn't it?
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