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Originally Posted by N_Frame.SquareButt View Post
One went on GB the other day around $700 that I was watching. Funny how that pricing thing works when you get older. I wanted an accurate 22 pistol back in the 80's when I was in high school. Was down between a 41 and a Victor. Got the Victor for $270. Finally picked up a 41 a few years back for around $600. Now the funny thing is you hear how accurate the 41 and Victor are but I put both on a Ransom Rest along with a Ruger Mk2 Govt Target that I paid $220 for and the Ruger out shot both and did it with Rem Golden bullets.
That particular test protocol can be a bit deceiving.

A Ransom rest cures a whole lot of ills and shortcomings and leaves pure mechanical accuracy to be tested. That's fine, but it also doesn't reflect how well a pistol may shoot in a shooter's hand.

For example, I can shoot a national match course (10 shots slow fire, 2 strings of 5 shots timed fire, and 2 strings of 5 shots rapid fire with my Mk I 678 Target, my Mk II 512 Target and either one of my High Standard 107 Victors, and I'll score about 15 points higher with the Victor. It balances better, it fits my hand better, and the trigger is significantly better than the Volquartzen triggers in my Rugers. By design, a Ransom rest doesn't care about the trigger, the balance or the grip.
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