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Originally Posted by Pine_Worker View Post
If the front sight is lowered, won’t the impact point be raised?
Correct...shorter front post raises POI.

The sights always come off on the right side and go back on from the right side.

The dovetail cuts on the slide, front & rear, have a tapered lead in on the right hand side. And...The dovetail bases on the sights have a matching taper on their left.

Those sights are typically really tight, and I mean REALLY! tight. A brass or copper drift is your friend to prevent marring the slide. Soak the sight base with a quality penetrant for a couple hours before beating on it...Kroil or PB Blaster are my picks.

Any copper or brass 'crayon' marks will come right off with some copper bore solvent.

Because they don't make a .46
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