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Originally Posted by Texas Star View Post
BTW, when I had my M-26 in 1968, I had no idea that so few were made.

As a collectible, it has merit beyond what I said of its qualities as a "using" gun.

I think the OP needs to buy a copy of Elmer Keith's, Sixguns. It's a good source of data for .45 Auto Rim loads as well as a basic study of handguns, mainly in the USA .

Get the 1961 revised ed. It covers some good guns not yet made when the 1955 edition was published. Reprints have been made over the years and may cost less.

I think the OP could do better than a 60-year-old source of reloading data.
There are tons more powders and bullet styles today.

Keith’s .45 AR data may well have used balloon-head cases.
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