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Originally Posted by mbliss57 View Post
I was able to get mine to the range the other day, (CZ75 BD). IT was great to be able to see the target past 10 yards. And to shoot with both eyes open. I moved the target out to 25 yards and was for the 1st time in memory was able to acquire a target and hit was I was shooting.
I had 2 glitches. The screws that hold the Vortex roto the mount kept loosening (need locktight) and the battery on the top of Vortex popped open 3 different times and flow off the slide. I had to look for it on the floor and was lucky not to lose it. This I think is fixed. If it does it next time at the range it's being returned as defective. Neither of these issues are serious. I really liked this sight. Now on to a S&W 3rd Gen. Possible guns I would like to put it on are a 5906, 4006TSW, 457, or my 4506-1. 4006TSW and 5906 and 4506 are my prime candidates. More to come..
I still have the option to get any slide milled but I don't was to muck up a slide.
+1 ^^^^^My sentiments exactly!
I struggled for years with declining eyesight and tried every type of premium iron sight. The SIG X-RAY-3's on my P365 and P229 worked best and they're fine for close-range SD but past 7 yards it's a stretch, past 10 forget it, my 'ol eyes can't see both the target and irons at the same time.
Then a miracle happened about 3 years ago.......I discovered Red Dots. I'm back in the game at my local club, runn'in and gunn'in with young guys who are certainly faster, but few as accurate! With a '7' in front of my age, I'm happy just being in the middle of the pack.

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