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Yes, I've been stocking up on extra Wolff recoil springs, as that seems to be the main wear item to keep these 3rd Gens humming along for 10's of thousands of rounds. I haven't determined the replacement schedule yet, but typically the short barrels work extra hard and when they start FTB or throwing brass far it's already overdue. And taking care to keep the extractor clean with a b/u spring on hand too.
From other Gen 3 owners comments I've read and my own experience, (of course depending on ambient temperatures) the stainless or carbon slide on aluminum alloy rails really appreciate a 'sticky' super-slick grease to keep everything moving freely and reduce rail wear. I use Brian Eno's Slide-Glide or EWG. MY CZ's and Especially SIGs love it too. YMMV
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