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Originally Posted by handejector View Post
I know what you mean, but I would encourage younger people to go ahead and join BEFORE they obtain many guns. They will become more knowledgeable (Read SMARTER) buyers. They can then scout pawn shops, gun shows, the internet, and gun shops for desirable guns at good or at least reasonable prices. Even though they are on a limited budget, the knowledge they gain will allow them to occasionally buy a good gun at a bargain price to keep, or even flip for a few dollars profit to finance collecting. Knowledge is POWER.

As I said above, it was decades before I could afford the time and money to attend an annual meeting. Working construction with young kids, I often had to sell off the few guns I had accumulated when a layoff or recession or the "stuff" of life would strike, like a transmission falling out. However, I had bought wisely, and could almost always sell at a profit or at least break even. I could also use my knowledge to buy, sell, and trade at a profitable level and pay for my addiction.
Most definitely agree especially with the information available today. I'm sure your like me in the early days there was no internet, cable TV or anything like that. Information on S&Ws was pretty much limited to word of mouth and sales catalogs.
My very first S&W bought new in 1976 was a model 19 and in the early 80s a 586. Like you I had a family to raise at the time and my gun funds were limited. If I would have had the funds and the knowledge that I now have I'd be sitting on a gold mine of pre model S&Ws. A registered Magnum could be bought back then for much, much less then now.
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