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Originally Posted by Sevens View Post
I have a NIB Model 915 that came with two silver/“stainless” mags so I find it interesting that yours came with black.
I guess i should have qualified that. I bought it from a guy trying to sell it to a gun store that didn't want it. No idea if it came from the factory with it, but the mag had the same rust freckling on it the gun did, so they had been together since the moisture event....Price was too good, he only wanted $200 for it and a little oil took care of the freckling. Guy said he inherited it from his dad and the gun looked liked it had very little wear on it, may have not even been fired. I had no need for it since I have a 5903, but the price was too good to pass up.

I traded the gun and a 10round mag +$100 to another store for a 6904 that came with 1 stainless mag.

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