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Originally Posted by RKmesa View Post

You need to change that. The long ones really are a delight to shoot. These are my two shooter grade long ones:

REG 3261, an 8-3/4" barreled pre-war Registered Magnum that was my first long-tube revolver ever purchased ($975 delivered). I believe it was factory refinished somewhere in it's life (star on the butt) and the trigger guard was drilled for a trigger stop. Other items of note - it shipped from the factory to King Gun Sight Company, where it received a cock-eyed hammer. I added the Keith Brown Kearsarge Stocks and a gunsmith friend of mine switched out the front sight for a "gold" one. It does not get shot very often, but it is a blast when I shoot it. The action is like butter and it has a beautiful sight picture.

You can see the trigger stop screwed in the trigger guard in this closer up photo:

This next one is my very favorite revolver to shoot. It is a well-used 8-3/8" barreled, late 1950's pre-27, that has had a Nelson Ford trigger job, a radiused wide trigger with a screw-in stop, an added "McGivern" brass bead front sight, and a set of 1960's smooth presentation stocks. It seems to magically hit whatever I am aiming at and I love shooting it.

With the tapered barrel, these long .357 Magnums really do point well, and with target stocks, they are surprisingly well balanced to shoot.

That long tube REG Mag is a gun I would really like to see one day. I bet it shoots great and likely King touched up that action some. My King shipped OD has a incredible action job.

The cockeyed hammer is icing on the cake.
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