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Originally Posted by josywales View Post
Am I the only one that doesnít find ďcatchingĒ and pulling back a spotless hammer too difficult? I had thought about a mall scenario, we live near the largest in the US and itís mess at time, where A crow of unruly folks rush the halls. I figure on that scenario, it would be nice to clock that hammer. The spurless have notches and I donít find it that difficult. If I donít have time for it, Iím flying DA anyway.
I find it to be very easy to catch a half-pulled bobbed hammer and cock it, when dry-firing and even at the range from time to time. In an adrenaline-fueled, stressful situation though, I could see it being a much harder thing to do, and therefore I always practice shooting my first shot DAO.

The only gun I have ever missed catching the hammer on in this way is my late-production 457 with a very smooth trigger. It only happened once while dry-firing at home, and was a good lesson on how easily this technique can go wrong.
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