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I own both a 4040PD and a 4013 single stack, and between the two I would go for the 4040PD. Though it really depends on what you are looking for with this decision.

As Bill pointed out, one of the biggest allures of the 4014 is the ability to convert it to 10mm. As a strict comparison using .40, it is slightly larger in all dimensions than the 4040PD but still concealable, the magazine holds an extra round (8), and it will handle recoil better. Used magazines can still be found on some auction sites at this moment, but they are not as prevalent as they once were.

The 4040PD will be slightly more concealable (same size as a 3913) and lighter than the 4014. I feel that I can more easily carry this gun in the warm Summer months, where the 4014 is more of a Fall/Winter carry piece.

As a much later production S&W 3rd Gen model it will have a noticeably smoother trigger (MIM components) as well as later design features found mainly on TSW's - loaded chamber port, milled for decock-only, and a tighter frame-to-slide fit. While both models in question have proprietary magazines, there are currently a good supply of NIB 4040PD mags for sale, as well as some good-looking used ones, both for a good price. NIB 4040PD mags have also been for sale at places like Brownells for the last few years pretty consistently.

If you have the chance to pick up either one, I don't think you'll be disappointed either way. Of course, the best thing would be to buy them both!

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