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Originally Posted by armorer951 View Post
I would second the warning in the earlier post about cycling the action under spring tension when the sideplate is off. This can result in damage.

If the front barrel cylinder gap is zero, then you probably have considerable end shake. End shake is the condition where the cylinder can move front to back when the cylinder is closed. The movement of the cylinder forward can tie the gun up for a variety of reasons. After replacing the sideplate, (without the screws is ok) can you close the action and while holding the cylinder to the rear, try pulling the hammer back. See if it works normally while holding the cylinder to the rear.

If you have a set of feeler gauges, the measurement between the breechface and the rear of the cylinder should be .008" - .010". If the cylinder assembly has developed severe endshake, there are cylinder shims available that will restore the proper gauge. (move the cylinder back)

As others have said, start with a good cleaning first, especially the cylinder assembly and the extractor, and then check the gauge on the cylinder. Excessive end shake may be the problem.
Thank you both for the side plate warning, I certainly did not know that.

The problem is the bolt is not being pushed into the slot sufficiently to allow the hammer to rotate. To fix this, I can 1) pull the cylinder slightly to the rear or 2) pull the thumb piece to the rear which allows the hammer to rotate.

It seems the extractor tip is not pushing the bolt far enough, or something is amiss with the spring on the thumb piece, at least thatís what it seems to me.
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