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Originally Posted by armorer951 View Post
This is due to end shake on the cylinder. The center pin is not being allowed to push the bolt back enough to get it out of the way of the tail of the hammer.

You can fix the end shake easily by installing shims inside the front of the yoke barrel cavity. The shims will move the cylinder back to it's proper position, by shimming and extending the rear facing end of the barrel of the yoke.

Shims are available here: TriggerShims Brand Shim Kits

Installation of the shims will require disassembly of the cylinder. (removal of the extractor rod and the internal components) You will need to insert the proper size shim, or shims, into the yoke cavity, and then re-assemble the cylinder as usual. You probably have at least .004" - .006" of end shake, so if you decide to do the repair yourself, be sure to order a sufficient number and thickness of shims to complete the repair.
If you are not familiar with the proper disassembly of the cylinder, I would seek the help of a qualified gunsmith or S&W armorer in your area.
Thank you again! A wealth of information here. I plan to do the cylinder disassembly myself, love to learn how to do these things. Iíve done similar jobs in the past, patience and a good amount of reading makes the task worthwhile and rewarding. Nothing will substitute for experience, and thatís where experts like you provide so much great information. Thank you again, sincerely appreciated.
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