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Default ***Please Close-Barrel Found*** Trade: 6" M27 Barrel for 6" M28-2 Barrel

I have an excellent condition Model 27 6" pinned barrel. I'm looking to trade it for a Model 28-2 6" pinned barrel in same condition for my 1975 mfg. SW

I'd also consider buying a 6" 28-2 pinned barrel outright if you didn't have a need for the model 27 barrel.

The reason I'm looking for a barrel is because the previous owner of the 28-2 I purchased supposedly had 5 squibs with the revolver which ruined the barrel. At least that's what my gunsmith said after performing a safety check on the gun. I didn't know about it when I bought the gun. Real bummer. Anyhow, it's a choice of replacing the barrel to make it functional, or just write the gun purchase off as a lesson learned.

thanks for your consideration

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