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Originally Posted by Ivan the Butcher View Post
Are you sure about that? My Dillon started life as a 450 and several I upgraded it into a 550b. The "O" part of the press is all that changed. I have the roller handle upgrade (Dillon Brand) and it went right in the same hole! Call Dillon, either way they will have the part you need!

There were two roller handles available one was a metal and the other was the plastic. I don't thing the plastic is offered any more. (Shame on you!) there are more than two companies that offer them, but they are "Universal Fit" and have a smaller threaded section, so a bushing would be required!

I ended up using my original Dillon handle on my Rock Chucker Supreme press! The RCBS handle broke off one day, and I had the Dillon laying around, so I put it on. It is about 2 inches longer, and gives far more leverage, but the bottom of the handle stroke is a long ways down now!

If you are looking for an aftermarket Roller handle
You are correct that only the O frame is replaced in switching from the 450 to the 550. The old 450 linkage is where the handle fits. I bought the roller handle many years ago and it wouldn't fit my press. It only had to do with the bend. I believe it contacted the press frame. I called Dillon at the time, and the rep. I spoke with said something to the effect of, "We don't custom bend the handles!" I sent it back. My 450 was one of the original ones, so maybe the angle of the hole where the handle fits was changed with later models.

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