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Originally Posted by GerSan69 View Post
The first thing I saw was how gooped-up it is in there. I would get that bolt out and clean the channel, the bolt and the spring thoroughly and then see if you need shims. It's still possible, but I'm having a hard time thinking how a .22 will have enough abuse to have an issue with end shake.
Not an expert, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn last night.
It was nasty!!! Holy Toledo was it ever nasty! Cleaned it thoroughly, and the big problem was the cylinder pin was so gummed up it could not come forward with the spring enough to depress the bolt and clear the hammer.

It works beautifully now, and I can barely get a .004 feeler gauge between the cylinder and forcing cone, I have some .002 shims, but it just doesnít seem necessary with that small a gap. Have to adjust the sights a bit, but it shoots just fine, 4 of 6 into the narrow side of a 2x4 at 25í in the backyard. Next Iíll get it to the range with a proper rest and Target before I adjust anything. I did remove that nasty red paint someone put on the front sight.

Thank you all again for the great comments and advice, sincerely appreciated!
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