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Originally Posted by AveragEd View Post
Remember there is a slight bullet diameter difference between the 22LR and 22WMR bullets thus 22LR ammunition is not very accurate in a firearm chambered for 22WMR. I had a Ruger Single Six convertible back in 1976 and it shot patterns instead of groups with 22LR ammunition.
Don't get the wrong idea here - you can't (or at least shouldn't) shoot .22LR out of a .22WMR gun. In addition to the bullet diameter being very slightly different, the case body of the Magnum cartridge is noticeably larger in diameter, and longer. A LR cartridge will rattle around in a Magnum cylinder and might go off, or might not, but if it does it will likely result in a ruptured case and unpleasantness. "Convertible" guns have a dedicated extra cylinder for each caliber.

By the way, MRF stands for Magnum Rim Fire and WMR stands for Winchester Magnum Rimfire - two ways of saying the same thing. Not to muddy the situation even more, but there is also a centerfire .22 ammunition called .22 Remington Jet (which cannot be used in your gun). It is used in the Model 53 which has the barrel marked simply ".22 Magnum". Shouldn't be an issue though, the ammo is very rarely seen and if you just ask for .22 Magnum ammo you'll get what you need.
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