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Originally Posted by Dasbrain View Post
The serial number is 1K69XXX

when I open the cylinder it has the serial number and has MOD or MOO bEneath the serial number and below that is stamped 48-2
MOD 48-2 is Model 48-2, as you have figured out by now. S&W did not put model numbers on the barrel. Beginning in 1958, they stamped them on the frame in the yoke cut.

What is interesting is finding a Model 48-2 with a 1971 serial number. The -3 had been in production for several years by that time.

Take a look at the screw that holds the rear sight in place. It is the one closest to the muzzle in the top strap. Is it directly above the barrel/cylinder gap? On a dash 2, it should be.
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