Thread: 4014 or 4040?
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I opted for a 4014 that was NIB with three mags, papers, box. I am not a fan of how 'scribbled' it looks on the 4040PD is, the excessive 'branding' of the frame and slide makes it less appealing. Sending the payment out Monday (2/9/20). Set me back with 2nd day shipping, 510-bucks. Its the rarer bird than the 4013, especially in pristine original condition. This puts the final nail in my vintage S&W automatic collection. I don't have EVERY model but I have solid examples of every class of S&W Gen 1 through 3; base models and sub-variants. I lack the DAO models as I dislike shooting them because of the long trigger pull, although I do have a 4586 local PD gun that was sold at auction. If I get anything else, it would be the odd-ball and queer-duck models like the 6926 and the 4576. I'd love to find a CS40 stainless to replace the 9mm Makarov I carry. I'm kinda looking out from the top of the mountain as far as the collection goes. Have the 5967 on lay-away and found a correct replacement slide to replace the engraved one on the pistol. Staring into the void right now, anyone have any suggestions where to focus the collection next?
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