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Default FTF sometimes in my 39-2

I have an UGLY Model 439 that I bought from a sheriff's sale for $75. Terribly pitted up slide, and ugly frame. I used it as a test of putting a durable finish and having a cheap truck gun to use.

Here she is in all her glory:

Well, I finally took it out to the range this week to see if it functioned. I took 3 mags loaded with 8 rounds of just plain ball ammo.

Racked the slide the first time and this:

I had 3 mags all loaded with 8 rounds, and every one does exactly this again. I actually racked the slide getting the old cartridge out and the next one would stick partway in the barrel just as before.

I went home and loaded 5 9mm Luger snap caps and they load and cycle perfectly. I wonder if something in the mags is pushing too hard, so I load 3 live rounds with 5 snap caps on top of them. I start cycling the rounds through. Snapcaps zip right through 1-2-3-4-5 then 6th live round jams like the others.

I then mix snap caps and live rounds in the mag like this from bottom to top: L-S-S-L-S-L-S-S L=live S= Snapcap
I start racking the slide and get:

S ok
S ok
L ok
S ok
S ok
S ok

Looking at the snapcaps and the live round - the live round definitely has a more pronounced lip where the bullet goes into the case.

Anyone have any thoughts? Ammo? Feed ramp need polishing? It's weird because the shell only goes partway in before it just jams in place.


Follow up: just for fun I loaded 3 live rounds and the first two cycled properly and the third (last) round jammed like th eothers.

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