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I would echo rednichols' suggestion to look for a holster that carries the cylinder at belt level for stability.

I prefer IWB carry, and have carried a 3" 65 in a Milt Sparks Summer Special II or a VMII-style holster from another maker for 12+ hours/day with comfort and good concealment under an untucked shirt.

For OWB, pancake holsters would be a good option.I've never worn revolvers OWB, so I can't comment from experience. But there are a lot of good makers, both production and custom.

If you think you might have to get physical, then something with a little added retention, like a thumb break, might be worth considering for a little extra security.

A good double-layer gun belt will help. Most people recommend 1.5" belts for the support, but that may be too wide for some slacks and most suit pants. I've been using a 1.25" horsehide belt from The Beltman to carry my PX4 Compact (IWB) and a spare mag (OWB) with good results. It fits in my suits' belt loops. You can also get such belts with internal reinforcement for additional support.

Also consider how you want to carry reloads. Lots of options there, from belt pouches for strips (I have one from Simply Rugged that works well) to speedloader pouches (JOX pouches are my favorite, but they're made from kydex).
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