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Originally Posted by WCCPHD View Post
I'm partial to Roy Baker Pancake Holsters. They will make your gun disappear and easy to carry.

My first issue handgun in 1979 was a 2.5 inch Model 66 and we were issued the Baker holsters.

These holsters would be contemporary with your gun.

Here are two examples of K frame 2.5 inch holsters.

An excellent example of why there are already the predictable posts about 'get a good gunbelt': these high-riding styles REQUIRE a wide, stiff gunbelt but pancakes with an ideal ride height do NOT. Remember Roy Baker was not a holster expert when he created his holster (sure hope he became one) and the high-ride craze began in the 1970s when all trousers belts were already wide (the hippie era had its impact).

So by contrast, be aware here of the cylinder as a marker for the c-g being low enough, that neither the barrel length nor the belt stiffness, matters in the equation:

Best Modern Concealment Holster for a 2-1/2 Inch Model 19-4 Square Butt-81p-3xexf1l-_sl1500_-1000x1000-jpg

Now you can carry your revolver with ease and the brand doesn't matter any more; nor the belt as long as its width suits the slots. Still, though recommend avoiding the Baker symmetrical pancake because the belt will close the holster when you draw; and an asymmetrical will not.
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