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Default Has anyone chronographed this load?

The Hodgdon reloading data on their site shows 5.0 grains of 700-X, a maximum load for 45 ACP using a 230 grain LRN bullet and a 5" barrel, as having a velocity of 893 FPS. This seems high to me. I know that individual pistols vary but has anyone chronographed this load? I use this load in my 1911 for bowling pin matches and have a hard time believing the 893 FPS that Hodgdon lists. Load data from various other sources seems all over the place. I don't happen to own a chronograph at present and would like to have a rough idea about this combo. I know that individual pistols vary and there are other variables as well. That said, I'm just looking for a rough idea from someone that has actually chronographed this load.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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