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Originally Posted by gwpercle View Post
Hard to shoot .
A stray dog was attacking people walking on my street .
Policeman arrived , he removed his buttless , pistol stocked 12 ga. from car . Pointed out the dog who was trotting down the street towards the policeman , he held his fire untill the dog was about 6 feet away...point blank , fired and Missed , dog stopped and turned, he pumped and fired again ...point blank and missed again , pumps and dog starts to run..he's 10 feet away... policeman fires ...and misses again...policeman watches the dog dissapear behind a house...he calls animal control .
I talk to him...he doesn't like the "new toy" hard to aim and hard to rack...he wants his "old school" shotgun , with a buttstock back , new one looks cool and tactical and such but is just too hard to shoot accurately .
I'm old guy ...I'll stick with old school !
Let me guess, he was shooting from the hip without actually using the sights, wasn't he?

There are techniques to aiming/shooting pistol grip shotguns accurately, as illustrated in this video...

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