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Originally Posted by eb07 View Post
If you go with the lobo offset you are not going to be happy because it rides higher than the galco .And the way it sits appendix is just not comfortable. least I was not
So then I approached Eric at side guard holster told him I wanted holsters that rode low like the galco stow and go and he accommodated me for my j-frame.

Sincere thanks to all who responded, and provided much useful information. I read and re-read each response.

eb07 - Your response was the most valuable of all, because I had not thought much about ride height. Comparing apples to oranges, I checked what I have now. My Desantis OWB holster rides very high. I had a leather maker remove the "lower" belt loop, because I preferred it riding high. When holstered, about half the gun's cylinder is above the top of my belt. Great for easy access, but needs a sweatshirt to conceal. In contrast, when holstered in my Stow N Go, about half the cylinder is below the bottom edge of the belt. Just as your photos show with your Sideguard. I've not had a problem grasping the grip to draw the gun.

Here's a photo of my 642 in the Galco, that shows one concern I have. The Galco rides so low part of the rear lower edge of the holster has been curled up by pressing against my thigh when I sit. The suede is soft enough that hasn't presented a problem, but I'm afraid it would with traditional cowhide due to stiffness. So whether I go with Lobo, or Sideguard, I'd likely go with the standard clip position, which appears to split the difference between my Desantis and Galco by putting the cylinder right in line (height wise) with the belt. While I like the deep concealment of the Galco, I'm afraid with my body type and type of jeans having a traditional cowhide holster ride that low might dig into my thigh when I sit.

If it's relevant, I am 6'2", 195 pounds, and wear a 1.5 inch Hanks gun belt. I think (hope) the gun will be snug enough inside the waist band that the weight of the gun trying to tilt against the clip won't be a problem. That's another thing I had not considered until reading the above responses.

I might just keep using the Galco. It's outstanding for concealment.
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