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Default Walter F. Roper and his writings, Updated Today

I placed the following post on a thread about 'coke' stocks the other day and I appreciate the 'likes'. I am posting it here so that other members may find it useful. I am an enthusiast, not an expert. I am mindful that the Forum is a amazing source of knowledge contributed by members who have been aficionados for many decades. In response to several previous email inquiries, allow me to share the following.

I might add that Walter Roper was a prolific writer who documented his "obstinate" efforts to improve shooting scores by refining the engineering science of handgun stocks (which we refer to commonly today as grips). Of particular interest is Walter Roper's Experiments of a Handgunner published by Stackpole & Heck, Inc. in 1949. In Chapter 7, Pgs. 79-101, Roper discusses his initial motivation to explore from a mechanical engineering viewpoint the science of hand shooting in terms of grip, hold and aiming.

Roper discusses his first attempts at making prototype stocks which would supply the most effective characteristics necessary to improve scores. The volume illustrates stocks Roper designed for a variety of hand guns including the Luger, Single Action Army, .22 automatics and air guns.

The volume covers a plethora of other issues which the hand gun enthusiast will find of interest. For example, Roper writes in detail about the various woods he selected for making stocks and identifies the characteristics of each. Roper did not fashion the stocks, but rather did the design work based on his principles. The actual work was done by several others whom he describes.

This volume may be available online. There are several different editions and reprints. You can do a search on AddALL book search and price comparison

If you are a Roper enthusiast, it is an essential reference source.

I hope this helps.


Update 4/7/2020

I recommend the following Walter Roper volume, originally published in1945. It has been reprinted numerous times. I purchased a nice almost new leather bound edition published by the Firearms Classic Library today for $20. The b/w illustrations in this edition are well done.

The title is Pistol & Revolver Shooting. There is biographical information about Walter F. Roper present which is not found anywhere else. The more I learn about Walter Roper, the more interesting he becomes. For example, do you know Roper patented an adjustable rear gun sight, called the Roper Gun Sight?

Hope this is helpful.


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