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Default Springfield M1A "Loaded", got one!

Back in the 90's during my Navy days, I was fortunate to do a lot of High Power Rifle shooting, I was in several commands that encouraged competition, so they would let me go for weeks at a time to shoot High Power. I used a Springfield M1A to good effect, shooting up thousands of rounds of Navy match ammo, and getting "Pretty Good", not stellar, but satisfying.

When I retired from the Navy, I had to down size my collection, funding my wife's education, other priorities so the M1A was sold. Recently, the Sun, Moon and Stars came together to enable me to buy another, a Springfield "Loaded" package, walnut stock, match barrel and trigger, 1/2 MOA windage sights. Came in a week or so ago, just ahead of the Corona Virus panic. I am back in love!

I got the rifle zeroed, then tried my hand at shooting some 200 yard steel targets my Nephew made for me. These are hardened steel, 13" in diameter, the same size as the aiming black on a 200 yard High Power Rifle target. Shot from the prone position, these would score mostly nines, I think:

Springfield has a deal till May 30 if you buy an M1A They'll send you two 20 round magazines and a scope mount. I went online to get that deal, they also offered the opportunity to buy additional magazines for $35 apiece instead of the regular $54 or so. So I bought three more and a sling while they were being generous.....

I am going to enjoy shooting this rifle, don't know if I'll take up High Power again, but I'll definately be slaying some steel with it. My mind goes back to the movie "Full Metal Jacket", and R. Lee Ermey was directing his recruits: "Tonight you will sleep with your rifles! You will give your rifles a girls name!"

I think I'll call her "Jan".....

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