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Originally Posted by lrrifleman View Post
Gentlemen, I realize that I can Google some loading data, but I would like to see what the bullet manufacturer recommends.
Burger's Loading data isn't from cartridges fired in a test barrel or even a test rifle! it is from a computer program similar to Quick Load.

Hodgdon's loading publication for 2019 (newest I have) has a 90 grain Federal bullet and about 8 powders fired from a 24" pressure barrel. That is the wrong barrel length, the wrong gun & the wrong bullet. I think you will find that this and the internet info are going to be your best source.


Have you tried calling Berger?


I don't load this round, but have a friend that does. In my quick research I saw that 224V Max Load runs about 2 grains over 223 R Max Load for the same powder. That is pretty sketchy to go by but take a 223 Rem max load you like for that bullet and work up from there in 2 or 3 tenth grain increments. You don't get to milk the forum for this one, you have to do the testing yourself.


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