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My 223 R long range bullet is either a 77 gr. Berger VLD or a 75 gr. Hornady A-Max over 26.7 gr of Varget using a 12" drop tube. The OAL is way long! it is "Bumping" the lands in my target Savage. The Savage rubber over molded factory stock, it will produce 5" groups at 1000 yards, with a BR stock that is pillar bedded and torqued to 65 inch pounds, the groups are 3"! I have a choice of several brands of brass, but surprisingly Lake City gets the best performance. I use Remington 7 1/2 primer, There are no pressure signs but I'm sure it is over SAMMI limits. If my Memory is correct I'm at just under 3100 fps. I don't see any way for an AR to safely us ammo like this, You can still hit target with AR's at 1000, but you time in flight, and Mid Range Trajectory expose your bullet to more extreme environmental influences.

My friends loading of this round in several bullet weights brought him back to 77-80 grain bullets (he only uses Sierra Match Kings and Hornady A-Max). I argue that you loose too much powder capacity with anything over 69! But he wants to run with the big dogs at 1000.

In the days of 308 Service Rifle, many shooters used a much lighter bullet and powder charge at 200 & 300 yards and the full power 168's or 175's at 600, to save on cost and recoil on them. I would think a under 500 yard load and an over 500 yard load (either 2 different scopes, or good records on the ammo boxes) would be very doable for the 224V.

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