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Update on Dillon 550C:

My Dillon distributor called this afternoon to check on me, and after a short discussion of the problem, suggested I remove the press from the strong arm mount and bring it to him. I did just that, and he immediately set it up in his shop, pulled the handle a couple of times and viola, "Jammed" He immediately pointed out that the operating rod was not aligning correctly, midway through the down stroke, the operating rod jumped out of the Chanel in the white roller, and the bottom roller was pushed out of alignment forcing itself to lock on the primer slide bracket. He removed the rod and checked it against a new one, and found it was bent from the factory. He replaced the operating arm, then tweaked the knurled block on the primer tube just a hair, and ran it through at least a hundred handle pulls without incident. The paper clip like holder going into station 1 was not right according to him, so he adjusted it, and generally went over the whole machine. When the handle was in the full up position, the rod aligned beautifully with the rollers, but when pulling the handle, the rollers jumped the rod, and misaligned. It took him 30 minutes in all to check, recheck, align and tweak all of what he felt needed it, as he's been selling these machines since 2000.

I got home, remounted the press in minutes, and loaded about 250 rounds without a hiccup. Definitely an alignment issue, although in this experience, it allowed my dealer to also walk me through several areas to keep an eye on, and I have to say, This Dillon Press is just as smooth and reliable now as my Spolar Gold. Absolutely awesome. Anyway with all the feedback, ideas etc... I wanted to come back and go through the cause, effect, and fix. Thanks Much for your time, ideas, and feedback.
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