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Originally Posted by Keith Brown View Post
If there was ever a gun that needed adjustable sights its a .22, although neat from a collecting standpoint I don't see any use for it that a model 18 wouldn't serve better. I have one but only because the guy selling it knew it was different and he had never seen one before but had not researched it before selling.
Reading through this whole thread, I had come to about the same conclusions as Mr Brown... the Model 45 to me is a niche gun that lacks a niche (except as a collector’s piece.) the 22 rimfire revolver will probably digest a variety of loads that will make adjustable sights more necessary than for “service” revolvers like the Model 10, and as others have stated, training for “service” (in this case, mainly for law enforcement) brought the expectation of a certain minimum of strength and self control, which would certainly enable the trainee to be able to handle that most ubiquitous of law enforcement rounds, the 38 Special.

Would I like to have a set of three M&Ps, one each in 38, 32, and 22, or even with a fourth in 32-20? I’d be lying if I said no. But would they be a practical addition to my shooting battery. Not in the least. Although they could be called upon to carry and shoot in yeoman fashion, I’d be much more likely to use one of the Masterpiece series in the same caliber. Back in the ‘50s when purchasing a revolver, were I to consider the difference in price between the M&P and its Master equivalent, I would likely have saved up the required amount and upgraded to the gun with adjustable sights, especially for anything other than my actual duty gun. JMHO, YMMV.

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