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Default Ruger MKII Standard .22, 50th Anniversary (pics)....

Found a neat gun today at a gun shop near me, a 1999 vintage Ruger MKII Standard .22, blued fixed sight 4 5/8" barrel. Came in the red plastic 50th anniversary box, spare magazine, etc. Sold as un-fired, priced at about $20 more than a new fixed sight MKIV Standard.

I have always like the fixed sight Standards, going back to my teen years when I talked my Mother into letting me buy a fixed sight Standard that I used for hunting rabbits. Price was $67.50 in 1977, probably half the cost of a Smith & Wesson .22 revolver.....

Took it home and ran a couple hundred rounds through it, flawless operation, sights dead on. I shoot this pistol as good as I do my 5" barrel Target MKIII, and I've had that pistol for six years or more. At 50' standing, I was getting nine out of ten hits on a 1 3/4 aiming black, with CCI Standard Velocity ammo. Ten out of Ten hits is illusive for me, somehow I always choke on one round that strays into the white....

20 yards shooting steel was very satisfying, 3 1/2" targets. Felt like I couldn't miss with this pistol:

Family photo, top is a 5" MKIII Target, middle is a 1981 vintage Stainless Standard "Bill Ruger Signature Series", bottom is the 50th Anniversary MKII.

I've already got a nice Bianchi "Outdoorsman" holster for it, so I'll put it in rotation as my field and woods walking .22 pistol. Rabbits look out!
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