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Default Adams Arms G19 threaded barrel

I would place this in the "Latest Purchase" thread but I have a question. I've never had a threaded barrel before. So to keep the thread protector from vibrating off do I use any type of thread locker or put a wrench on it and crank it down tight?

The rest of the story is CDNN is selling off Adams Arms threaded barrels for G17s and G19s for $99 bucks. I received mine very quickly although packaged rather poorly. These are clearance from Adams Arms as they resulted from some sort of bad cooperative deal with another company. Adams Arms does not warranty these barrels and considers them "white label". There's also some stripped slides too. The barrel I received looks to be a perfect fit in my gen 5 G19 although I haven't shot it yet and may not today as I already hear thunder. But the barrels seem to be an excellent deal.

I'd appreciate any suggestions on thread locker, or not.


Well, between the rain, 16 rounds off hand at 15 yards. All hits on a sheet of used copy paper, no issues. No signs of any strange wear to inside the frame. Just one mag worth but I think it will be OK. The lugs on the bottom of the barrel are ever so slightly different but lockup is tight.

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