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Originally Posted by LVSteve View Post
Can you explain the printouts some more, please. I only get to look at holes on paper.

Aaah, GP11 in a scoped K31. Now that's the way to go.

I’ll try. We also get a screen visualisation of the impacts

The first column are the number of shots fired.

The arrow indicates the location of the “miss” relative to the bullseye, over, under, left, etc..

The third column is the score, from 1 to 10

The fourth column is harder to explain. It shows the position relative to the score : for example, the 10 goes from 91 to 100, where 91 is just after the edge of the 10 ring and 100 is exactly the bullseye.

Some competitions are shot on the 1 to 10 score target whereas some other on a 1 to 100 score target.
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