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Originally Posted by copemech View Post
Many parts are standard but the bolt, carrier, barrell, and receiver upper and lower will be different. S/W may not sell them direct, either!
Right, Armalite is a whole nother standard, and Rock River also has proprietary parts. So besides these parts, most DPMS config parts should interchange, as noted the S&W BCG is also proprietary.

Only the Armalite is an AR-10, all others are basically DPMS LR8 pattern. Armalite AR-10 parts, magazines, etc, likely will not interchange, so get good advice on the BCG, which will have to be an S&W part. You've come to the right place...

There is NO AR-10/LR8 standard on parts as there is on the AR-15 platform, so it's the wild, wild West, get good advice. Smith and Wesson will generally frown on any "messing around" with their rifle, and its very doubtful you would pry a BCG out of them?? trigger parts and springs may shouldn't be an issue....

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