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I bought a used Glock 36 (.45 a.c.p.) last week for $299.95 plus tax. It had been a rental gun at a local range, but was rarely rented. I am not so enamored with Glocks that I would buy a clone of one. I would rather buy a used Glock and take it back to the factory for free service.

In the past few months I briefly owned Sigma’s in 9mm and .357 Sig. With a set of Apex springs and some instrucion, the triggers and groups have improved.

Here is my Glock 36, made in April of 2012.
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PSA's Glock clone anyone?-283717aa-5c9c-49c1-8c24-07e26dba7d37-jpg   PSA's Glock clone anyone?-92453af4-ab07-4759-8fd8-4eb309993c25-jpg  
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