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I saw it said here that the numbers on the inside of the grips were to keep pairs together during the making of them. Does that mean the lower the number the earlier the grips?

ETA: I found this on a Colt forum.

"I have been in contact with Janet Snyder who is Lew Sanderson's grand daughter and Don Sanderson's daughter. I had asked her if she could shed any light on the numbers that were stamped on the inside of the stocks. She checked with her brother who worked with her dad making the stocks. Here is her reply:


Just an update on your question about the numbering of the grips. I spoke to my brother and he said the grips were given a number which coincided with the purchasers name. So it was two-fold identified left/right grip and who ordered the grips.

Straight from my brother who worked on the grips with my Dad.


My set that came on a Model 14 no dash from a California pawn shop.

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