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Originally Posted by Art Doc View Post
All I know about the CMP 1911s is that it appears every one of them immediately gets listed on Gunbroker.
Yep, and that was not the intent of the program.

Originally Posted by mod34 View Post
Teach me: I took a look at their sight and, though not comprehensively, I couldn't really determine what made these so special.....
Compared to today's wonder pistols, the M1911 and M1911-A1 pistols do appear to be lacking. But, I find the small sights to allow for better precision shooting. The caliber is not, in my opinion, a detriment as the 45 ACP is a long proven handgun caliber. Are they as tight as a bullseye match pistol? No, they rattle when shaken, but they also tend to continue functioning when crudded up with a half a pound of GSR, dirt, and mud. The trigger is a dedicated single action, so no transition from DA to SA and no long, mushy, crunchy, no idea exactly when it will release the striker trigger pull. These are very functional and well tested handguns.
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