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Like I said, I'm not saying that PSA is a bad company or that the firearms they produce aren't any good, merely that the PS9 doesn't really bring anything new to the table, so why chose a PS9 over one of the many other budget-priced Glock clones which actually offer more in the way of features like the S&W SD9, Mossberg MC2 or Springfield XD?

Yeah, yeah... I know that according to rabid Glock Fanboys and aging hipsters who spend all their time denigrating polymer-framed pistols, they're all terrible and can't compete with Glocks or SIGs, so you should just spend $200+ on one of those, but factually speaking, they all seem to be good quality pistols, each with their own unique features which make them more than just "cheap knockoffs" like some people say.

If the PS9 actually does include some unique features that aren't offered by G19, SD9, MC2, XD, or any of the other Glockalikes on the market that I may have forgotten, then please let me know, but as far as I know, it's nothing more than just another budget-priced Glock clone.
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