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With out actually seeing and using one how can anyone say it is a cheap junk?
Isn't PSA made in the USA? Looks like decent gun at a price point that lots of people will pay. PSA ARs by the way, are not junk. But folks will banter and decide on their own.

SA XDs are not junk and the are made in Croatia, In many ways I like them better than Glocks,
I have a G19 and replaced the fire control trigger, (which sucks) sights and slide lock So whats so great about them?
SW could not design one in the beginning so the Sigma is direct clone of a Glock and they got sued. Somehow that is OK? SW Polymer guns are no better than the others. Had a MP45 that went back 3 or 4 times and finally got rid of it.

I hope PSA sells a ton of them.
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