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Default Found a HD at my LGS: New Pics and Questions

Here are some more pics. I gave it a good cleaning today. S/N 558XX. Questions: Is the finish original? I have my own opinion but I would like to hear from forum members. Also what can be done about the corrosion under the grip panel? Thanks. Keith

I found this the other day at my LGS. The guy at the counter said it came in with other guns in a ďlotĒ from Rock Island Auctions. Itís in much better condition than my other Heavy Duty. In fact I donít think it was shot much at all. The grips of course are from a much later date. When the cylinder is closed there is some resistance. I think the pin and spring are still in place but I havenít actually checked. I also checked to see if the cylinder will accept.357ís which it doesnít. A good thing. In these pics the HD with the stags is one Iíve had for 6 years now. The HD in the back is the most recent acquisition. Itís funny that both came from LGSís and nickel at that. I think one of our HD experts here said nickel was running about 17% according to his records. Iíll post some more pics later as well as the serial number. Maybe someone can narrow down the ship date.

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