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Originally Posted by Dirty Harry Callahan View Post
In closing, if you want to shoot .357 SIG, then I would sooner recommend investing in a SIGsauer or even (dun dun duuunnn) a Glock 31/32 than trying to track down a SW357V barrel and hoping that it will function as a drop in part for a SD40VE. Trust me, I would love to be able to convert my SW40VE to .357 SIG myself and even looked into the matter myself, and this was a conclusion that I reached based on my findings. Hope this helps.
Thank you for laying it out like that. I know a dealer with SW357V parts leftover from a police department demilled SW357V pistol... and I own a badly "used & abused" SW40VE pistol that used to belong to one of the NE Patriots (apparently a very clumsy one!). Hence, my interest in whether or not the two would work together.

I'm also one of those first generation M&P40 owners that bought a Smith & Wesson 357SIG barrel from MidwayUSA when they were closing them out. Seemed like a good idea at the time, but after several cautionary forum posts, I decided not to use it.

Should a good opportunity ever present itself, I probably would pickup a used all-metal Sig pistol in 357SIG just for the Hell of it. But no immediate plans to do that.
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