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Originally Posted by Dirty Harry Callahan View Post
It's a shame that the SW357V had such a limited production run and that those who own them don't seem to do much shooting with them or talk about them in detail much, as I would be interested to know more about them. How well they run, how well they hold up over time, what differences there are between it and the SW40V in terms of spring weights, etc.
At one point, I had a chance to buy a used SW40V from my favorite local dealer (sadly, one now out-of-business). That convert to 357SIG would have been a no-brainer with the parts I had access to. Unfortunately, my favorite local dealer thought that old SW40V he had was made of gold and had priced it accordingly! Holy cow!

He had that gun the entire time he was in business and still had that gun when he went out of business. It didn't even sell it during his very aggressive "going-out-of business" sale.

Where is it today? Who knows?
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