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Originally Posted by Dirty Harry Callahan View Post
Yeah, I'll never understand these sorts of folks who are so convinced that something they possess is worth a particularly high amount of money and stubbornly cling to the belief that regardless of how many people pass on buying it that eventually somebody will come along who will happily pay the posted price.
Well, that is a common trait among dealers, for at least 70% of the ones in my area. They set a price and that is it. Doesn't matter if the gun sits there forever. You can still manage to get maybe 10% off if you bargain hard enough, but you aren't going to find a crazy over-priced gun and get it down to market... not usually anyway. There are exceptions of course, but they are rare in my experience. Massachusetts doesn't have pawn shops that handle firearms, so the gun dealers here have something of a monopoly on used guns.

More than once, I offered that dealer a very respectable price for his used SW40V and he wouldn't budge. That's funny because we did a whole lot of business together. It was just one of those things that makes you go hmmmm.
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