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Default I'm Baaaaaaack! (+ Some Knives)

I'm baaaack! Did you miss me? Of course you did! I've been in "S&W Forum jail" for ten days after being banned for talking politics, for a second time. But I couldn't help it, I tell you! It was the booze talking! The conversation went like this:

Large vodka bottle: "Come on, have another drink."

Me: "No."

Large vodka bottle: "Come on, you know you want one! Don't be a wimp."

Me: "Well, uhhhh, okaaaay, but just one more."

The conversation went back-and-forth like that for 4 hours. So I began to, uhhmmm, wax political here on the forum (you know how that is. Sure ya do!).

Being in S&W Forum jail is horrible. The food is crummy and the inmates make it too loud to sleep. It's good to be free. I'm a free bird! Halla-loo-ya!

This will require 2 or 3 posts:

First, some folding knives:

-- Case brand, large, Buffalo pattern, wood handles, 1976, carbon steel blade.
-- Hen and Rooster (early, marked Voss Cut. Co.), made circa 1960s, mother of pearl handles, Congress pattern, 4 small carbon blades.
-- Schatt and Morgan (made by Queen), large, almost-Coke-bottle pattern, made in 1991 and marked "91", jigged bone handles, carbon blade.
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So very Politically Incorrect
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