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Originally Posted by 2152hq View Post

I never had one but had a nice Steyr Kropeschek (sp) Long Rifle. Those I do remember being imported in large numbers and sold in 3 or four versions in magazine ads (Ye Old Hunter?).
Had dies (RCBS) for that one but never got around to loading for it. Chould'a, Should'a hung on to it.
As I remember the 8mm Kropatscheks were offered in 2 styles of long rifle and two styles of carbine. There were many of them that came into the country back in the early 1970s, as antiques. I believe all of them were made pre-1899. Finding ammunition or cases is difficult. There is some old military blank ammo around, and you can salvage them for cases. I have drilled out the cases to take shotshell primers and use Pyrodex with regular 8mm bullets.

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