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Originally Posted by Flattop5 View Post
Fixed-blade knives:

-- Linder bowie knife (made in Solingen, Germany), has a 440C stainless blade; stag handles; leather sheath is very similar to a Puma sheath; made circa 2010
As a Linder lover let me point out. Be careful how you put that pointy badboy back in the sheath . It will pop right out thru the side. Guess how I know.
I emailed Linder (I was buying knives directly from the factory at that time) and mentioned it to the sales rep,,,,, hoping for some sympathy .
Very coolly he said ,Yup that will happen with that one . The he offered to send me another one ,,,,,, For 50 bucks.
O well, I tried.
Careful with that one , it will make your blood come out.
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