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The entire Gunboards Website is down... And perhaps I caused it!
This morning perusing "New Threads" listing, one concerning a film review: "Anybody seen the movie Dark Waters". Clicking on that Thread, opening. Also causing my Bit Defender anti-Malware program to light up like Christmas tree. Only time ever in years of use, that happening more than occasional "Site Blocked" for safety occurrences. Copied Bit Defender Log (copy below) of items located & removed.

Located the Thread in the Survival Forum and posted a warning there w/Log. Quick check of Website working re several Forums I tested and all well. Returned to Gunboards Forum perhaps half hour later and Website couldn't be located. Tried several browsers, all same.

Posting here in this Forum as simply most convenient with request that Forum Administrators for this Website be notified to be on alert.

Sorry if "Chicken Little, Sky is Falling", result, but S&W Collectors Forum another of my favorites and wouldn't like to see anything bad befall. My belief that anyone who clicked an 'infected' Thread in GB likely acquired Trojan Horse infestation in their computer unless superior anti-malware program.

Good Luck & Best!


Bitdefender Log File
Taskevice Scanning
Scan date:Monday, June 1, 2020 9:42:13
Log path:C:\ProgramData\Bitdefender\Desktop\Profiles\Logs\S-1-5-21-209483488-4113576734-157129042-1001\db7af1a4-db8-4f42-903a-9d200e40d03c\1591028850_1_02.xml
Scan paths:
Path: E:\
Scan Results Summary
Resolved issues
Item path Threat Name Action taken
E:\A.I\Transfer\Hakai (v2.2).zip=>Hakai (v2.2)/Hakai.exe Trojan.GenericKD.33671243 Deleted
E:\A.I\Cracking&Hacking\Hacking (OLD)\Vpn\HideMyAss Checker 1.3\HideMyAss Checker 1.3.exe Gen:Variant.MSILPerseus.201749 Deleted
E:\A.I\Cracking&Hacking\ALL best Dorks Tools\>sqlmapproject-sqlmap-42042fb/shell/stagers/stager.aspx_ Trojan.Sqlmap.P Deleted
E:\A.I\Synapse X v1.0.0\bin\SynapseInjector.dll Gen:Suspicious.Cloud.8.5A4aaSmuhypi Deleted
E:\A.I\Cracking&Hacking\Old STORM+ config by Alphacrack\STORM.exe Gen:Variant.MSILPerseus.196935 Deleted
E:\A.I\Cracking&Hacking\ALL best Dorks Tools\>sqlmapproject-sqlmap-42042fb/udf/postgresql/windows/32/8.4/lib_postgresqludf_sys.dll_ Trojan.Sqlmap.K Deleted
E:\A.I\Cracking&Hacking\ALL best Dorks Tools\>sqlmapproject-sqlmap-42042fb/shell/stagers/stager.jsp_ Trojan.Sqlmap.R Deleted
E:\A.I\Cracking&Hacking\ALL best Dorks Tools\>sqlmapproject-sqlmap-42042fb/shell/stagers/stager.php_ Trojan.Sqlmap.S Deleted
E:\A.I\Cracking&Hacking\ALL best Dorks Tools\>sqlmapproject-sqlmap-42042fb/shell/backdoors/backdoor.aspx_ Trojan.Sqlmap.B Deleted
E:\A.I\Cracking&Hacking\ALL best Dorks Tools\>sqlmapproject-sqlmap-42042fb/shell/backdoors/backdoor.asp_ Trojan.Sqlmap.A Deleted
E:\A.I\Cracking&Hacking\ALL best Dorks Tools\>sqlmapproject-sqlmap-42042fb/shell/backdoors/backdoor.jsp_ Trojan.Sqlmap.C Deleted
E:\A.I\Cracking&Hacking\ALL best Dorks Tools\>sqlmapproject-sqlmap-42042fb/shell/stagers/stager.asp_ Trojan.Sqlmap.Q Deleted
E:\A.I\Cracking&Hacking\ALL best Dorks Tools\>sqlmapproject-sqlmap-42042fb/udf/mysql/windows/32/lib_mysqludf_sys.dll_ Trojan.Sqlmap.H Deleted
E:\A.I\Cracking&Hacking\ALL best Dorks Tools\>sqlmapproject-sqlmap-42042fb/udf/mysql/windows/64/lib_mysqludf_sys.dll_ Trojan.Sqlmap.F Deleted
E:\A.I\Cracking&Hacking\ALL best Dorks Tools\>sqlmapproject-sqlmap-42042fb/udf/postgresql/windows/32/8.2/lib_postgresqludf_sys.dll_ Trojan.Sqlmap.O Deleted
E:\A.I\Cracking&Hacking\ALL best Dorks Tools\>sqlmapproject-sqlmap-42042fb/udf/postgresql/windows/32/8.3/lib_postgresqludf_sys.dll_ Trojan.Sqlmap.J Deleted
E:\A.I\Cracking&Hacking\ALL best Dorks Tools\>sqlmapproject-sqlmap-42042fb/udf/postgresql/windows/32/9.0/lib_postgresqludf_sys.dll_ Trojan.Sqlmap.M Deleted

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