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Default Trijicon HDs - Kinda but not really

Hey Team 3rd Gen,
So Iíve been lamenting the lack of aftermarket sight support for our beloved 3rd gen pistols for a while, but Iíve decided to take matters into my own hands. My 5906TSW came to me with dead S&W night sights. I had them relamped by Trijicon, who sent it back to me with nice white outlines. That was my que. I used a sharpie and blacked out the rear circles, and wiped off the excess so it didnít darken the tritium capsules. Looked great and was easy. Next, I used a fluorescent yellow marker with a very fine tip to color in the ring around the front sight. It looked pretty good, but it didnít pop enough. So I bought some KG Sight Kote from Midway and filled in the circle. Damn! It looks really good. Itís not quite professional like a Trijicon/Ameriglo HD sight, but itís pretty close!
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